Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Melancholy Surprise

Through the years Ben the Wagon Boy aka Benjamin Woodbury Driggs has held a special place in my heart. What I knew about him was his happy childhood in Nauvoo, his sweet sacrifice of his wagon, and that he was Dad's quite famous Grandfather Driggs. Even the stories about Indians were safe enough that children could watch from nearby!

When we were at Martin's Cove on a YMYW trek we found his name among those who went to the rescue of those saints.

With all of this there has been a sunny mist over my thoughts of him and our Great-grandmother Rosalie Ellen Cox Driggs living in Pleasant Grove -- with an emphasis on "pleasant". I knew that he had spent some time in jail because of polygamy. Even then, Dad always put a happy slant on that era. But I was unaware of how difficult much of his life actually was.

In gathering and typing up family histories, I came upon the following life history he wrote of himself. Perhaps as you read it, you will feel as I have -- a deep gratitude for his faithfulness in the face of hardships and a greater determination to go forward into the future of our day with steadfast courage and cheerfulness.


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