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Shadrach Ford Driggs Obituary

Deseret News, 5 Nov 1898 (Salt Lake City, Utah).
From Thursday's Daily, October 27 "Local and Other Matters"
Shadrach Ford Driggs died last night at his home in Pleasant Grove, over 85 years of age. He was born in Range No. 10, Ashtabula County, Ohio, August 23, 1831, then a wilderness. His father was Urial Driggs, born in the state of New York, April 29, 1780. The family heard the Gospel message in the wilderness of Ohio, and gathered with the Saints finally at Nauvoo, where the deceased, Shadrach, labored as a wagonmaker, and built many of the wagons for the Saints to emigrate West with, and finally, after using up all the seasoned timber that could be obtained, he cut up the great cart that was used in moving rock in the Temple yard, and made two wagons out of it for himself and family to emigrate with, and he has made and mended wagons ever since to within a few days of his death.
He left Nauvoo in 1846, came to Bluffs, and finally landed in Salt Lake City on October 2, 1852, and the same month moved to Pleasant Grove, where he has since resided. His wife, Eliza, preceded him to the great beyond, February 1, 1896. They had eleven children, but their grandchildren can hardly be numbered. He also leaves a wife, Celia, surviving him.
He came from a long line of ancestry that is traced for over a thousand years. In the year of 735, and during the reign of King Thiery IV of France, the ancestors of the deceased emigrated from Normandy and located in London, England. Thomas Driggs and his wife Hannah Sterling were the first known ancestors of this name. Among their children was one Stephen, who was born June 22, 821, during the Saxon heptarchy. From this time until April 16, 1512, the family continued to reside in London, and engaged in different professions and occupations. At this time George Driggs, by profession a watchmaker, removed to Sheffield. This branch of the family remained in Sheffield until February 4, 1703, when Joseph, with two children, embarked on board the ship Liverpool, for Boston, where he arrived April 7, 1703, and after a time settled at Hartford in the colony of Connecticut, and was the pioneer of the family to America. Since that time the posterity has become like the sands of the sea shore, and scattered all over the United States. Several were in the War of the Revolution, the war of 1812, and the War of the Rebellion.
The funeral will be held tomorrow (Friday), October 28th, at 2 p.m. at Pleasant Grove.

B.W. Driggs Jr. [probably Benjamin Woodbury Driggs, Jr.]

Headstone of Shadrach Ford Driggs and Eliza White
in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Tombstones Read:
S.F. Driggs
Born Aug. 28, 1813
Died Oct. 26, 1898

E.W. Driggs
Born July 14, 1812
Died Feb. 10, 1896

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Shadrach Ford Driggs and Eliza Elizabeth White
28 August 1813 - 26 October 1898 (Shadrach)
14 July 1812 - 10 February 1896 (Eliza)

Shadrach Ford Driggs; was born on August 28, 1813, at Astabula Ohio to Urial Driggs and Hannah Ford. Shadrach died on October 26, 1898, in Pleasant Grove Utah and is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Shadrach was among the pioneering members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who migrated westward from the Midwest into the Great Salt Lake basin in Utah.
Eliza White was born July 14, 1812 in Chester, Widsor, Vermont to Henry Harvey White and Rebeckah Smith. She died on February 10, 1896 and is buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Shadrach was 38 years old and Eliza White was 39 years old when they crossed the plains in the Uriah Curtis Company. The company consisted of about 365 individuals and 51 wagons when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs). They departed on June 28, 1852 and arrived in the Salt lake Valley between September 29th and October 1st 1852.
The children of Shadrach and Eliza who accompanied them were: Benjamin Woodbury aged 15, Hannah Jane aged 13, Appollos Griffin aged 11, Isaac Ashton aged 10, Parley Pratt aged 7, Charles Barnum aged 4, and Mark aged 2.
Eliza gave birth to a daughter, Eliza just a few days after arriving in the valley – on the 11th of October 1852. She and Shadrach then parented two more children after arriving – Mary Melissa and Daniel Shadrach.