Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grandma's Stash

The last couple days I have spent working on Little Dresses for Africa. Our stake has been making these darling little dresses as part of a Stake Relief Society service activity coming up. I have been helping by making dresses and putting some kits together. The Stake Relief Society presidency wants "no ugly dresses"! When all of the fabric we use is donated -- largely from sisters' old, unused fabric -- this can be a trick! I was given some darling fabric to work with and then one piece that was quite plain and royal blue. Seeing it next to the darling border print emphasized the plainness of the blue fabric.

I was wondering what I could do about it when I remembered Grandma's Stash. I have a couple boxes in the basement of trims that Grandma Christensen collected through the years.

I dashed downstairs and found some beautiful lace that would work! I felt a slight hesitation donating some of Grandma's Treasures to this cause. Then I realized that she would be thrilled to be a part of this project for many reasons. She loved mass production, she loved whipping up sewing projects and would set aside one or two days a week as her sewing days, and she loved service. She was always creating things for others. The more I thought about it the more I'm pleased to feel like I've teamed up with Grandma and the wonderful women of my stake to do this unifying, service project.

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