Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Cox Family Pioneers

Ben the Wagon Boy -- or Benjamin Woodbury Driggs married Rosalie Ellen Cox. Her pioneer legacy is full of faith-promoting stories. Rosalie is our great-grandmother who was born in Nauvoo during the exodus of February 1846. She is also the one who made the red and white quilt that we have in our home.

Uncle Clare B. Christensen, Dad's brother, wrote an important book, Before and After Mt. Pisgah, about the Cox families who were part of the Nauvoo era and who pioneered Utah.

In upcoming posts I'll share several of their special stories. We'll begin with Rosalie's father, Frederick Walter Cox, and her mother Sally Emeline Whiting.

The line is: Dad, his mother Maud Driggs, her father Benjamin W. Driggs, his wife Rosalie Ellen Cox, and her parents, F. Walter Cox and Sally Emeline Whiting.

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