Sunday, June 26, 2011

Before and After

Mt. Pisgah -- Part 3

by Clare B. Christensen

The Poignant Visit of Frederick, Emeline, Cordelia, and Jamima to the Nauvoo Temple

“Cordelia Morley [daughter of Isaac] had been closely associated with F. Walter Cox from the days in Missouri. During that winter in Nauvoo, Emeline W. Cox was told that her husband intended to marry Cordelia. Emeline was not happy at the news. When Cordelia heard that Emeline was troubled, Cordelia went to Emeline and forthrightly asked whether she should marry F. Walter or not. Emeline replied that Cordelia must decide the matter for herself.” (p. 121-122.)

“Tuesday 27 January 1846 was the day at the temple never to be forgotten by the Coxes and Whitings who went. . . .

“Sally Emeline Whiting [Cox] and Cordelia Calista Morley . . . came to the temple and had their endowments that day. Jamima Losee also returned to the temple that afternoon to be married. Emeline knelt at the altar first and was married to Frederick Walter Cox for time and all eternity.

Frederick Walter Cox also married Cordelia Morley and Jamima Losee that day. In later years he would take three other wives--Lydia Margaret Losee, MaryAnn Darrow Richardson, and Emma Peterson.

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