Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking of You

from Miriam ~ Although my Mom would have loved and welcomed more help in the kitchen, we seldom came through as she hoped. That doesn’t mean, however, that we were very far away. We spent most of our time on the other side of the counter.

Ideas were hatched, feelings were shared, lessons were learned, and laughter was a guarantee as we sat (while Mom worked) at the counter.

These past several years our family has worked together to create several “collections”--of recipes, of family history stories, of meaningful personal experiences, etc. When we’ve thought of what meaning these “collections” might have beyond our own personal enjoyment, the idea of this blog came to be. In my mind, I’ve pictured that this blog could be the kind of sharing that would have happened “at the counter” in days past. Sharing great “nuggets” of family history, recipes from our favorite kitchens (including our Grandmas), quotes and poetry that inspire us, and experiences in our lives today as we try to carry on the great legacy of those who’ve gone before.
from Karen ~ What Miriam wrote about “the other side of our counter”, could have more readily been said about “the other side of Mother’s counter” (or bar) as she called it. On most days, it was literally the center of our home. Mother’s days were filled with more visitors dropping by than anyone I’ve known. Her secret for accomplishing all she did was to invite us and anyone else who wanted to talk to sit at the kitchen table and visit with her as she worked. Whenever she could, she put us all to work. It was a wonderful place to be because Mom was a great conversationalist who found the fun and humor in every day life. It seemed to us that the sun always shone through her kitchen windows!

from Carol ~ With life pulling us in so many directions, it is difficult to gather together in anyone’s kitchen for sharing stories and visiting. But we hope you’ll take time occasionally to “pull up a stool or a white kitchen chair” and join us here to visit. We hope to get to know you better as we remember the past, share the treasures of the present, and look together with optimism to the future! So be sure and comment – lots! And feel free to e-mail one of us if you have your own thoughts to post and we’ll work you in.

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