Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's Family: Our Scripture Heritage

Quite a few years ago I was in their home taking pictures and among them I took these.  On this day, as on so many, Grandpa's scriptures were out having been "freshly" read.  When I think about passing the heritage I've received to the next generation...one of the things I hope to pass on is our grandparents love for and testimony of the scriptures.

For Christmas we got little brightly colored scripture cases, paperback scriptures and a marking pencil for each boy.  We've set the goal as a family to read the Book of Mormon this year...before Nathan turns 8 next January! 

Let’s be honest, the reality of family scripture reading is all of us crammed into the boys bedroom with our jammies on.  It’s a little listening and a lot of little bodies all rolling around on the floor being “sushed” frequently.  The most reverent moment occurs when it’s Elizabeth’s turn to read.  As one of us whispers to her and she manages to mostly say the last word of each phrase, two brothers sit quietly…with sparkly eyes…proud of their little sister’s best new trick.  =)

The best part of Nathan’s and Joshua’s reading is the use of their freshly sharpened red pencils:  Joshua arbitrarily pointing to verses for us to outline…and then he carefully tries to stay inside the lines as he colors them in, and Nathan very carefully picks out his favorite parts to highlight.  A few nights ago Nathan carefully underlined the scripture describing the hilt of Laban’s sword, and then very excitedly moved on to underline the verse where Laban gets his head cut off.  He then leaned over to me and whispered, “Mom, I know these aren’t really the most important parts, but they’re the parts I really like!” 
May we be blessed as we do our best to pass on the heritage we've been blessed with to the next generation!  =)


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  1. I love the pictures from the folks' bedroom. It brings back such wonderful memories. Thanks!