Saturday, January 15, 2011

Uncle Owen and Aunt Maureen and Tithing

Dad, Mother, Joan and I went to American Falls, Idaho in 1951 for Dad to start a business as a gasoline and oil distributor. Dad borrowed about $2,000-$3,000 from Uncle Clarence and Aunt Maureen to start his business there. The distributor who had preceded Dad had been dishonest. When Dad started he didn't have a single customer. It was a hard beginning.

Dad went out every day to meet the farmers to try to get their business. After a few months Aunt Maureen called Dad and asked him how he was doing. Dad replied, "Maureen, I don't even make enough to pay the rent on the house". Aunt Maureen said, "Are you paying your tithing?" Dad repeated, "Maureen, I don't even make enough to pay the rent". Aunt Maureen counseled, "I don't care how much you make. Pay your tithing".

Dad did as Aunt Maureen told him and paid his tithing faithfully. He never again didn't have the money for the rent. Dad became a successful businessman in Idaho and after five years was offered a little better distributorship in Provo. We moved there and he built a very fine business.

Two of the things Dad always told us growing up was "pay your tithing and stay out of debt". I have been grateful for those words of wisdom.

~ from Tyra Christensen Barrett

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